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Our Offerings

3D Printer Catalog

Explore our product catalog, featuring industrial 3D printers, accessories, materials, and software from the world's leading brands.

3D Printing Service

Get custom parts in days with on-demand 3D printing services, featuring polymer and metal materials for prototyping and production.

3D Design Service

Access expert design services for product development and R&D activites, ranging from 3D modeling to industrial and mechanical design.

Product Catalog

Get full-service.

From Design to Production

From making a 3D printer investment decision to sourcing parts or receiving design services, our team offers comprehensive support throughout your project, ensuring each phase progresses smoothly and efficiently.


Design and Analysis

Transform ideas into solutions. Our team refines your designs with expert DfM and DfAM insights, elevating your concepts with our 3D design prowess.


Material Selection

Let us guide you through the material selection process, optimizing for functionality and aesthetics, tailored specifically to your applications.


Technology Selection

Cut through AM complexity. We'll pinpoint the perfect technology for your project, ensuring a blend of quality, efficiency, and better results.


Quality Control

Quality, quantified. We monitor every detail, offering 3D scanning and reporting to guarantee that each part adheres to your quality benchmarks.

What do our customers say?

About Us

Emin N.

Anadolu Kağıtçılık

Working with Upcores was truly a great experience. The team was closely involved with us from the beginning to the end of our product's design process and took all our needs into consideration. The resulting product was far beyond our expectations.

Simon T.

3D Actions

We received DLP 3D printing design services from Upcores. The project delivery occurred before the set deadline and with excellent quality. Thanks to their top-level communication and customer service, the entire process proceeded smoothly.

Altay E.


We were truly impressed by the competence of the Upcores team during the product development process. They were in constant communication with us throughout the project and perfected the design by taking our feedback into account at every step.