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Generative-Design Bracket

Utilizing AI generative design, this project produced a bracket that seamlessly integrates with key components, achieving a 63% weight reduction. This showcases the potential of advanced manufacturing for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Industry: Aerospace

Design Thinking: Weight reduction — This project embodies innovative design thinking with AI and SLM technology, resulting in optimized material use.


Airless Concept Tire

The airless tire concept redefines tire technology with a focus on eliminating air pressure maintenance, thereby solving issues of punctures and blowouts. Engineered for enhanced durability and reduced environmental footprint.

Industry: Automotive

Design Thinking: Sustainability — Our design approach for the airless tire was guided by sustainability. While delivering on the client's vision, we emphasized creating a durable, eco-friendly tire alternative. This reflects a commitment to safer, more efficient tires and aligns with the broader objectives of environmental responsibility in automotive design.


Drone with Lattice Structures

The development focuses on an advanced surveillance drone with a lattice structure frame. This unique design significantly lightens the drone, enhancing flight duration while preserving structural strength.

Industry: Aerospace

Design Thinking: Performance — The lattice frame not only reduces weight for longer flights but also maintains durability and maneuverability. This approach ensures that the drone excels in extended surveillance tasks, providing an efficient, stable, and high-performing tool for a range of surveillance scenarios.


Topology Optimized Holder

Designed to support three key system components, it efficiently uses materials and combines structural integrity with weight reduction. The result is a lightweight, robust solution for securely holding and interconnecting system components.

Industry: Machinery and Tooling

Design Thinking: Cost savings — Our design approach centered on cost-effectiveness through topology optimization. By utilizing the design freedom enabled by metal additive manufacturing, we aimed to reduce material usage without sacrificing strength.


Wireless Phone Charger

The wireless charging station, designed for SLA 3D printing, enabled efficient prototyping and quick design changes, resulting in shorter time-to-market and product development timeline.

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Design Thinking: Simplicity — In designing the wireless charging station, we wove together elements of minimalism, ease of use, and no-fuss functionality. The result: a user-centric charger that harmoniously blends cutting-edge technology with the simplicity of daily life.

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