Cookie Policy

At Upcores Mühendislik Anonim Şirketi (“Upcores”), we prioritize the privacy and protection of our users' personal data to offer a secure, peaceful, and comprehensive experience on our website, (“Upcores Website”). This Cookie Policy is an integral part of our personal data protection and privacy policy, and we advise users to review both documents together to understand how we manage and protect their data.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files saved on your device or network server by the websites you visit through your browser. They are used to recognize your device during subsequent visits to the same site. While cookies identify the device used to access websites, they do not store personal identifiable information such as names, genders, or addresses.

Cookies can be classified based on their purpose, the party placing them, and their duration:

  • Purpose of Use: This includes technical, authentication, advertising, personalization, and analytical cookies.
  • Placer of Cookies: Divided into website cookies (placed by Upcores) and third-party cookies (placed by Upcores’s partners).
  • Duration: Comprising session cookies (which are deleted after the user leaves the Upcores Website) and persistent cookies (which stay on the user's device for varying durations).

Why Do We Use Cookies?

Cookies are used on the Upcores Website for several purposes:

  • To Facilitate Essential Functions: Such as keeping products in a user's shopping cart during their visit.
  • To Analyze and Improve Website Performance: Identifying visitor numbers and making performance adjustments accordingly.
  • To Enhance Functionality and User Experience: Remembering user preferences for future visits.
  • To Conduct Advertising Activities: Displaying advertisements related to the user's interests.

How Can You Manage Cookies?

We recognize the importance of allowing users to manage their personal data preferences. While some cookies are essential for the functioning of the Upcores Website and cannot be disabled, users have control over others. Users can configure their browser settings to:

  • Prevent the use of cookies,
  • Receive warnings before cookies are placed,
  • Disable or delete certain cookies.

Note that preferences need to be set on each device individually, and disabling cookies may affect the functionality of the Upcores Website.

Acceptance and Change

By using the Upcores Website and encountering a "cookie warning," users are deemed to have consented to the use of cookies if they continue to browse the site after closing the warning. However, users can change their cookie preferences at any time.

Upcores is committed to providing clear and comprehensive information about cookie usage and practices. This Cookie Policy is subject to change, and any amendments will become effective upon their publication on the Upcores Website. Users are encouraged to review the policy regularly to stay informed about how we use cookies.